Executive Chef


Chef Ken Bredeson's travels to Europe as a child exposed him to many cultures and types of food at an early age. He worked his way through law school as a fine dining chef and pastry chef. After law school, he moved to Lyon France to receive classical training in cooking and baking for nearly 3 years. Chef Bredeson moved back to the States where he forwarded his career as a chef in multiple states such as New York, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Nevada, and Arkansas to name a few. Chef Bredeson has been in the position as an Executive Chef of large gaming operations for over 20 years. His food disciplines are mainly based in Classical French, Pacific Rim and lately Creole and modern southern low country cuisine. Chef Bredeson's vision as a chef is to educate and train the next generation of culinary professionals about mastering their craft and staying true to the ingredients.
Chef Ken Bredeson
Omar Escobar


Chef Omar Escobar was born and raised in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He learned to cook Mexican food from his mother and grandma who helped him pave the way for his new found passion, cooking. Chef Escobar's first job in the industry was as a sous chef at Bugatti's, a famous Italian restaurant . His 23 years of experience as a chef were spent at Great Plains Steakhouse, Journey Steakhouse, and V's Italian restaurant. Chef Escobar left Kansas City in 2021 to join Oaklawn as the Bugler Chef. His favorite dishes are the scallops and any steak on the menu. Chef Escobar is a Raiders fan for life.